Paris Mon Amour


Let yourself be surrounded by these romantic fragrances, like be in love in Paris …
A perfume for every moment and every woman; discover the one that is done for you :
Paris Kiss, Place Vendôme in Love, Romantic Montmartre, Chérie Elysées
Let yourself be surrounded by these romantic fragrances, like be in love in Paris …
A perfume for every moment and every woman; discover the one that is done for you.

Les Parfums


Have a rendez-vous on top of the Eiffel Tower…
A perfume of tenderness, a timeless and passionnate kiss for an hypnotic moment of love…

Enchanting Fragrances

With a note of Chyprée, Floral, Fruit and Musc

A sensual perfume between shadow and light…
The fascinating note of Bergamot orange, Red berries and Violette followed by Jasmine, Iris and Patchouly came together for a blend that radiates on the skin for a seductive and voluptuous elegant fragrance.

Bergamot orange, Grapefruit, Strawberry, Violette

Jasmine, Rose, Néroli, Iris

Sandalwood, Patchouly, Musk, Tonka, White Cedar


A magnificient flowers bouquet offered on the most prestigiousand renown monument in Paris, Place Vendôme.
Elegant and vibrant perfume, witness of precious and infinity love …

An Elegant Perfume

Floral, Fruity, Transparent note

This floral and feminine bouquet is a mariage of luminous white flowers jasmin, cyclamen, Ylang-Ylang mixed with delicate musc notes.
Place Vendôme in Love is a symbol of sophisticated and glamorous Feminity fragrance.

Blackcurrant, Orange, water Flowers

Jasmine, Ylang, Cyclamen, Apple, Rose

Vanilla, White Flowers,Lilly of the Valley, Musk



Embrace your love in the street of Montmartre.
Romantic and sensual perfume, sweetness of love for ever…

A Sensual Perfume

Note Musc, White Tea, Vanille

Ozoniques notes at first open on a heart of jasmine flowers. Spices and Vanilla come together
for a blend that radiates on the skin for a sensual, unforgettable and romantic fragrance.

Note Ozoniques, White flower and Musc

Vanilla Flower, Sweet almond, White Tea

Sandalwood, White Cedar, Oakmoss.


Lover’s stroll on the most beautiful avenue of the world.
Perfume of light between heat and mystery…

A Mysterious Perfume

Amber note, Floral powder, Vanilla

A feminine, warm and sensual fragrance.
Amber perfume and the flowers of the sun with delight of vanilla to bloom in the sensualism of a mysterious powder musk.

Amber, Tonka crystals

Flowers of the Sun, Jasmine, Hawthorn

Vanilla, Musk, Rice powder.


The Creative

Carole RANNOU, a french parisian entrepreneur has had the idea of the concept of the brand and perfume product. With her solid background of 20 years experience in the Perfumes & Cosmetics field, Carole has worked successively as Artistic Director, Marketing & Creation Director, and International Director on several brands such as Bulgari, L’Oréal, Chaumet, Dior…
With a complete vision of the life cycle of a product, she achieved the first range of Paris mon Amour perfume…


” I always wanted to create perfumes. And as the nature is made well, everything imposed upon me in an extreme flow, as love at first sight on the Bridge Alexandre III. The night was magic and the light was pink, the hot wind of the summer slid in the passageways of the Palais Royal and it is at this moment that I said to myself that the perfume of a woman was missing only to give to this Parisian board an Avant-taste of the Paradise. Paris Mon Amour had been born …
I felt ready to face the whole world. Distilling here and there my perfumes ” made in France ” around the planet with the idea to propose the best price. The success is at once in return leaving the field open for you in future creations, which I hope for it will enchant those who were the first ones to wear Paris Mon Amour.
This adventure reminds me you, the lights of Paris, the smiles exchanged by love will be infinite … “


French stores : Galeries Lafayettes, Champs Elysées, Nocibé, Tour Eiffel, Aéroports de Paris...
International : Hollywood, USA, Turquie, Indonésie, DUTY-FREE...


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